Piercing Artist and Salon Services in India

There was a time in the History of Human civilization when Jewellery was reserved only to Men as well as women. With the passing away of time, Men made it a point to reserve their complete trinket rather the plenary set of gimcrack to women in order to portray their superiority compared to the Fairer Gender !!

GOSALUNI is very clear with the fact that we are not conventional with the conventions of People in society. Our broad range of piercings in Eyebrows, Navels, Earlobes, tongues and many other sensitive parts of the Body is done by specialists in extreme Hygeinic conditions which not only adds to the charm of the person but also edges the additional Look of panache.

The best part of the story is that we are not into random piercings on the Body flesh but keep a check basically that the inveterate process of piercing done by our experts does not cause any painful lesions, scars or else rashes in that part. Bleeding is expectable but our incessant endeavour is to prevent the excess blood and perform the same act in utmost Hygeinic conditions.

What we believe is put in action equally by the people who perform their work of Piercing and that is why we are “GOSALUNI”.