It is so overwhelming to be adored and complemented !! The ardence to feel the most awaited touch of your Hubby …. Or else your Better Half ? GO SALUNI is no less even to provide this Fabulous Service !! Bridal Service packages will range from the most expensive to the least expensive packages keeping both the Genders as well as Social Strata in mind. Our Skin polishing artists, Make up artists and Coiffure artists are always there to give you that Glamorous look on the most awaited day of your life !! Men are to be served with the Princely finish up which is often the Entry to a Chauvinistic charm but in a Non conventional manner in today’s arena.

There is so much to be done and lots to be winded up as early as possible on the evening of Marriage. You need the Hair trimmers and the Make up people by your side. Every one should make you feel special. There are our Service Providers !! Not only do they work but also pay that special attention to all their clients at every Stepping Stone !! The attention to care, canoodle and mollycoddle is what makes both the Groom and the Bride blush with the true essence and spirit of tying the knot. Yes, our Specialists make you feel rather provide the touch !!